FLOPS: Fred Leitner's Old Physics Stories

A group of films demonstrating interesting and important phenomena in the field of Low Temperature Physics and in the field of Classical Optics. The demonstrations are interwoven with commentary providing initial - and intuitive - explanations of what is being shown.
Low Temperature Physics:
1: Superfluid Liquid Helium (Isotope 4) - (39 min., 1963)
2: Superconductors (of Type I) - (48 min., 1965)
Classical Optics:
3: Joseph Fraunhofer: Dispersion - (14 min., 1974)
4: Joseph Fraunhofer: Diffraction - (16 min., 1974)
5: Refraction, Dispersion and Resonance - (35 min., 1975)


  1. I was thinking about Professor Leitner, recently, and how much I appreciated his delight in the subject of Physics when I was his student in 1976. I'm glad to find these and see his delight, again.

  2. Thanks for these wonderful videos! They are very interesting and enlightening.

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